New Yashima Aquarium: Update

Our friend is working very hard on this issue. She is currently writing another detailed letter to send out with signatures. In hopes that either the Japan officials will step in and investigate the ongoing’s at the aquarium, and find that it needs to be shut down completely.

If anyone has been to the New Yashima Aquarium and has more evidence to add, please email us The Guardian Of Animals

More evidence will help speed up the process of shutting down the aquarium.

You can also email us petitions or events that need to be shared.

You can sign the petition here: Shut Down Yashima Aquarium


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The Guardian - Gwen Cho

Vocal and Active for animal rights and welfare. I work with the animal welfare community offline and I am new to journalism. I'm also a volunteer at NYC no-kill shelters as well as humanitarian shelters.

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