Turtles And The Road

It’s dangerous for turtles during their mating seasons. In most countries, roads with cars driving by are the main obstacles in their way. Some drivers don’t stop or yield when they see turtles crossing.

This has caused a decrease in the number of the turtle population. In other words, if turtles can’t survive the roads to mate, it’s likely that some turtle species may end up going extinct.

However, if people are kind-hearted enough to help. Here’s what can be done:

First and foremost don’t put yourself or others in danger. Put your hazard lights on and slow down. This will alert other drivers to do the same.

Second, if you see a turtle on their back and if there are no other vehicles, put hazard lights on in case a car might come and gently flip the turtle right side up. Then move away so they may continue their journey.

Third, start a petition or attend town meetings to ask for turtle crossing signs to be added in the area. As well as a slower mph, sign.

If you see an injured turtle, get them the help they need. Either call animal rescue or control. Or handle them yourself, by way of towel/shirt or some kind of cloth to pick them up with. Get them to a veterinarians office or rescue immediately.

Summer and Spring are usually the busiest of seasons for rescues and veterinarians when it comes to turtles being injured by cars.

While driving or biking please be aware of your surroundings. Pay close attention to the roads at all times. The truth of the matter is these deaths and injuries can be avoided if people just paid attention and or cared.


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The Guardian - Gwen Cho

Vocal and Active for animal rights and welfare. I work with the animal welfare community offline and I am new to journalism. I'm also a volunteer at NYC no-kill shelters as well as humanitarian shelters.

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