Stop Elephant Poaching: Petition

Poaching efforts in Myanmar are depleting the world’s elephant populations faster than ever before. At the start of the 20th century, there were 100,000 elephants across Asia. That number has dwindled to just 40,000.

Not only are tusks being sold, but also elephant teeth, skin, and trunk. You must crack down on the gangs of Myanmar that are hunting down these elephants and bring them to full justice.

Stop Poaching Elephants by Protect Endangered Species.

Why Elephants are being poached –

According to the Smithsonian Insider Asian elephants are being poached for their skin and meat yet not their tusks. Since the Elephants do not have predominantly large tusks like their African cousins. This epidemic places calf’s and adult elephants at risk to be slaughtered.

Their skin is being used for furniture, clothing, and jewelry. While the meat is being used for food and medical purposes. However, the meat does not have any medical property. It’s basically a scam to make money off of false hope.

All in all, it’s greed that is the culprit driving the poaching campaign.


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The Guardian - Gwen Cho

Vocal and Active for animal rights and welfare. I work with the animal welfare community offline and I am new to journalism. I'm also a volunteer at NYC no-kill shelters as well as humanitarian shelters.

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