Labradoodle creator says he regrets ‘Frankenstein’s monster’

The creator of the Labradoodle cross-breed has said he inadvertently unleashed a “Frankenstein(‘s) monster”. Wally Conron, 90, who worked for Guide Dogs Victoria in Australia when he bred the first Labrador-Poodle cross in 1989, spoke of his regrets at having begun a trend for designer breeds on an ABC podcast. “I opened a Pandora’s box…

Labradoodle creator says he regrets ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ —

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Fusia Robbins

I am a nonpracticing lawyer and an avid Fiber Artist, as well as an intermediate photographer, cartoonist, digital artist, and painter. I have been a writer for approximately 14 years+ and during that time I was an investigative journalist for a private organization that exposed corruption among charities and other businesses. I also spent time advocating/acting on behalf of and for animal and human rights. Yet now I spend my days writing poems, sonnets and stories. As well as crochet patterns, when I am not doing that I spend a lot of time taking care of my son.

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