Halloween and Companions

With Halloween right around the corner, veterinarians and shelters become rather busy. A majority of people do not realize just how spooky and or dangerous it can be for companion animals. Gwen and I have been swamped this whole month because of celebrations going awry. Many people have brought in companion animals suffering from Chocolate toxicity, and other injuries.

Please be aware that companion animals CANNOT have CHOCOLATE. If you want to give your companions a treat for the holidays, look into getting Carob pet treats. It’s non-toxic and 100% natural. Chocolate is a 100% dangerous even for cats, it causes seizures, anemia as well as death.

If it’s not hazardous foods, its being spooked by costumes and loud noises. Remember even companions get skittish around strange events. In order to prevent your companion from running off, or becoming overwhelmed, we suggest making a room just for them. Placing their food and water bowl, along with their favorite toys and comfort to keep them calm. If the music and party is too much for them, put a white noise machine on.

If your companion happens to get a hold of anything hazardous. PLEASE SEEK EMERGENCY CARE IMMEDIATELY.


Published by

Fusia Robbins

I am a nonpracticing lawyer and an avid Fiber Artist, as well as an intermediate photographer, cartoonist, digital artist, and painter. I have been a writer for approximately 14 years+ and during that time I was an investigative journalist for a private organization that exposed corruption among charities and other businesses. I also spent time advocating/acting on behalf of and for animal and human rights. Yet now I spend my days writing poems, sonnets and stories. As well as crochet patterns, when I am not doing that I spend a lot of time taking care of my son.

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