Maximum Of 200 elephants die in Zimbabwe’s largest national park amid drought


At least 200 elephants have died in Zimbabwe’s largest national park amid a severe drought.

Since October, the giant creatures have been found in Hwange National Park, although other parks have also been affected by the drought.​ 

Other species including giraffes, buffalos and impalas are also dying and the situation will only improve once rain returns, said Tinashe Farawo, a spokesperson for Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks). 

“Almost every animal is being affected,” he said. “Of course,
elephants are easily noticed during patrols or game drives, but some
bird species are seriously affected because they can only breed in
certain tree heights and those trees are being knocked down by

Many animals are straying from Zimbabwe’s parks into nearby communities in search of food and water.

Zimparks said 33 people have died from conflict with animals this year.

Thedrought has also taken its toll on crops, leaving more than…

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