YouTuber Arrested After Attaching Dog to Balloons, Making Him Fly

A YouTuber has been arrested after attaching his dog to an assortment of balloons and briefly making him fly.

Per reports, including this one from BBC, 32-year-old Gaurav Sharma—whose YouTube channel had more than four million subscribers at the time of the incident—was arrested by police in India following a complaint by the regional animal welfare organization People for Animals.

The Delhi-based YouTube personality was seen in footage taken from a since-deleted video shared to his page letting go of the balloons-attached dog, named Dollar, as the pet briefly floats in the air toward the second floor of a nearby building. At that point, another person catches the dog while it’s floating, prompting audible cheers.

In a follow-up video dated May 23, the popular YouTuber—as reported by NDTV—claimed he had taken “all the safety measures” when planning the widely criticized footage. He also claimed he won’t repeat this type of content in the future, adding that he treats Dollar “like a child.” Judging by the comments on the apology video, however, many people are not convinced.

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