Ban shark fin products in US & save sharks from extinction.

Petition By United Conservationists, Inc

Sharks – the apex predators of the oceans – have survived 400 million years of evolution, yet many species may face extinction within our lifetime. Up to 100 million sharks are being killed every year, most often their bodies are discarded and only their fins are kept to be used in Shark Fin Soup – a delicacy in some Chinese restaurants*. Over hunting of the world’s largest fish has caused severe declines among many shark species, including the iconic Great White. Currently a third of shark species are threatened with extinction, and some populations have plummeted by over 90%.

The situation has become so dire that China has decided to ban Shark Fin Soup at official state banquets. In the U.S. several states to date (including California, Oregon, Hawaii and New York), have introduced state-wide bans on shark fins, with more states in the process of introducing bans.

Sharks are essential to the health of our oceans. As apex predators, sharks maintain a critical balance in the ocean. When sharks are eliminated, disastrous effects have been documented further down the food chain, including the collapse of commercial fisheries and the degradation of coral reefs. If sharks were to become extinct, this would have massive unintended consequences for our ocean ecosystems worldwide.

Time is running out for the world’s shark populations. Please sign and share the petition to tell our leaders take a big step in preserving the world’s vital oceans by banning the sale and distribution of shark fins and shark fin products nationwide. It’s time for all Americans to join the FinFree™ movement!

Ban shark fin products in The US & save sharks from extinction.


Help Save Honey Bees: Petition

Petition by Logan McGeary

Petition Details: Bees could possibly be faster then computer? True or false. Recently scientists have discovered that they’re smart enough to have sourced just the right amount of nectar; while preplanning the quickest route from the hive and back. It has been proven that they’re not just a one trick show, being a huge help in today’s indoor structures, furniture, household and office products; Even satellites and airplane wings are built upon the “hexagonal structure principle”. Which the bees use to build their hive, which intern creates more Strength and spaces to store their honey. Bees are facing extinction ultimately, we too would be at risk of extinction due to crop loss, rising food prices and food shortages leading to wide spread famine. 

I want to help save Honey bees from extinction because they are essential to the earth. Before we go any further, let’s look at the facts 

Bees have a massive importance to our ecosystem today; and have just been place on the endangered species list. How do they have an importance you ask? Firstly the most important part of a bees importance, is pollination to our ecosystem. Now pollination is a process through which bees collect nectar, and pollen from flowers, the pollen is used by the bee as protein and, nectar is taken into use for energy. As the bees travels from one flower to another transferring pollen, fertilizing as they go, including most of your favoured fruits and vegs; some of those included  would be Watermelon, Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Coconuts, Cucumber, Almonds and Tomatoes.SO WHERE WHOULD WE GO WITHOUT BEES? 

Maddie Maote on BBC Future has done extensive research into bees, and as far as important species go; they are at the top of the list. She has found that bees ‘pollinate 70 of the 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world. Honey bees are responsible for $30 Billion a year in crops’. That only being the start of a global food shortage, ‘we may lose all the plants that bees pollinate, all of the animals that eat those plants’, and so forth moving up the food chain. ‘Which  means a world without bees could struggle, to sustain the global human population of 7 Billion.  

Honeybees are being lost in many parts of the world, ‘large numbers of colonies have been lost, a syndrome some have referred to as colony collapse disorder (CCD).’ This is where the majority, of the worker bees disappear, leaving behind a few nurser bees, to protect their queen. The infant bees are not fully  in understanding of their role in the hive yet. 

Our research is identifying the various factors that are involved; land development, agricultural management, pesticide use, environmental pollution and climate change. As if this list is not long enough. There is still hope for the honeybee, with the media  promoting the issue; 

We should be more aware and courteous about how we deicide, to move forward with our lives knowing that someday soon maybe? Our Children could have to live with a major world problem, we can stop using pesticides and protect bees’ sites. But is that enough?

Save The Honey Bees

New Yashima Aquarium: More Evidence

More cruelty evidence of New Yashima Aquarium.

Testimony and Reviews found –

Sign the petition: Shut Down Yashima Aquarium

Pictures courtesy of public submission.

Please follow the Facebook page: Ningyo La Mar d’Aprop for further information on other corrupt aquariums and how you can help stop them.

Additional Photos:

From 2016 – Twitter Photo Credit Black Cove

New Yashima Aquarium: Update

Our friend is working very hard on this issue. She is currently writing another detailed letter to send out with signatures. In hopes that either the Japan officials will step in and investigate the ongoing’s at the aquarium, and find that it needs to be shut down completely.

If anyone has been to the New Yashima Aquarium and has more evidence to add, please email us The Guardian Of Animals

More evidence will help speed up the process of shutting down the aquarium.

You can also email us petitions or events that need to be shared.

You can sign the petition here: Shut Down Yashima Aquarium