Sea turtle found dead with spear through its head at Florida national park

Posted: Jun 27, 2019 / 01:33 PM EDT / Updated: Jun 27, 2019 / 01:33 PM EDT

(Photo: Biscayne National Park)

HOMESTEAD, Fla. (WFLA) — Wildlife officials and federal investigators are looking into the death of a sea turtle that was found with a spear through its head near Biscayne National Park, The Miami Herald reported.

The green sea turtle was found Friday afternoon near Elliot Key by a group of anglers fishing the flats, a park’s service law enforcement ranger said. 

The animal had been poached, according to park officials who are trying to find the person responsible.

Sea turtles are a threatened or endangered species. Killing a sea turtle can result in a criminal conviction. Offenders can also be tried civilly. Anyone who is convicted may face up to one year in prison and/or a maximum fine of $100,000.

Those with information about the dead sea turtle are being asked to call National Park Service investigators at 305-242-7740.


New Yashima Aquarium: Update

Our friend is working very hard on this issue. She is currently writing another detailed letter to send out with signatures. In hopes that either the Japan officials will step in and investigate the ongoing’s at the aquarium, and find that it needs to be shut down completely.

If anyone has been to the New Yashima Aquarium and has more evidence to add, please email us The Guardian Of Animals

More evidence will help speed up the process of shutting down the aquarium.

You can also email us petitions or events that need to be shared.

You can sign the petition here: Shut Down Yashima Aquarium

Unusual Dolphin Deaths

(CNN Report ) A total of 261 bottlenose dolphins were found stranded between Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle, officials said.

Authorities discovered the dolphins between February 1 and May 31. A majority of them — 98% — were dead, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

That number is “three times the historical average in the northern gulf,” said Erin Fougères, a marine mammal stranding program administrator for NOAA.

2019 bottlenose dolphin stranding locations by month along the Northern Gulf of Mexico UME region. (Louisiana-Florida Panhandle)

According to NOAA: It is too early to determine any potential causes of the UME. Many of the dolphins recovered are very decomposed, limiting the ability to collect samples to determine cause of illness or death. In addition, a number of dolphins have stranded in remote locations, which limits the Stranding Network’s ability to examine or recover the  carcass. Some of the stranded dolphins have had visible skin lesions that are consistent with freshwater exposure. Samples are being collected for testing.

In our opinion, it’s possible that the salinity of the ocean could be declining. Due to the polar caps melting at an alarming rate. Even now, as they Melt Polar bears have had to travel farther away from their natural habitat. Weeks ago a report was shared of a malnourished polar bear, entering suburban limits in search of food.

In 2018, the largest King Penguin colony experienced a rapid decline in population. Reports stated that only 60,000 breeding pairs are left when there used to be 500,000.

In our opinion, we truly believe this has to do with climate change and caps melting due to the climate change effect. As we know most of these animals food sources rely on salt, and those food sources eat algae, and plankton, a plant that lives in salt oceans. No salt equates to fewer food sources and the instability of the ecosystem.

The only correct course of action to take is to limit our carbon footprint. As well as switching to green technology. Only then can the planet fully heal.

Read The Labels: Xylitol

Dogs love peanut butter and that’s the truth. And as pet parents, we love giving them treats. However, there are Peanut Butters out there that are highly dangerous for our companions. This is when you need to start reading labels before you buy.

Why Xylitol Is Dangerous to Dogs

Xylitol is a sweetener that’s gaining in popularity because of its dental benefits for people as well as its suitability as a sugar substitute for people with diabetes. Yet thousands of dogs are accidentally poisoned by xylitol every year. 

In fact, the toxic dose of xylitol in dogs is even less than chocolate! For example, as little as 1.37 grams of xylitol can cause a rapid drop in a dog’s blood sugar (“hypoglycemia”) and result in staggering, disorientation, collapse, and seizures in a 30-pound dog*. If a dog of the same size ingested 6.8 grams, it could be enough to cause a debilitating and likely deadly destruction of the dog’s liver cells. Now consider that it would take about 22 times more (150 grams) dark chocolate to result in the same level of severe toxicity. 

*Sources: New Findings On The Effects Of Xylitol Ingestion In Dogs from ASPCA-APCC 2006; Acute Hepatic Failure And Coagulopathy Associated With Xylitol Ingestion In Eight Dogs from ASPCA-APCC 2006, published in JAVMA (J Am Vet Med Assoc 2006; 229:1113-1117)

Please be aware of your peanut butters ingredients. This site lists Safe Brands of Peanut Butter: Senior Dog Days

If your dog should happen to ingest any dangerous food take them to the Veterinarians right away.

Shut Down The Yashima Aquarium

We are sharing this petition for our friends.

The New Yashima Aquarium is mistreating the animals they currently have in their possession. As you can see from the disturbing photo, they treat their dolphins like surfboards whilst dawning on Power Ranger costumes. They also keep their animals in small tanks as well as performance pools. There is also video evidence on the petition of a dolphin smashing their head against the glass tank.

Please take the time to sign and share this important petition.

Shutdown Yashima Aquarium

Sign the Petition: Shut Down the Abuse of Animal Cruelty to Cows at Fair Oaks Farm


Kai Marten started this petition to Coca-Cola and 1 other

On June 4, 2019, a video was released exposing Fair Oaks Farm, in Indiana, for their animal abuse and cruelty. The video showed calfs being separated from their mothers, being thrown into trucks, being stepped on, being hit, and other forms of cruelty. The lack of respect show to these animals is unacceptable.

Everyone sees Fair Oaks as a family friendly place to be. It is an animal killing place for profit by big corporations. I urge Coca Cola to stop funding this place.

Fair Oaks kills cows everyday. They show the proper way to milk a cow everyday in the showrooms. However, they fail to show the extreme abuse from the handlers to the cows. The lack of dignity from these employees is unacceptable. This is not just one or two bad workers, it’s all of the cow…

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Albatrosses and Petrels Need Your Help

Albatrosses and petrels are some of the most endangered birds on the planet. These species spend most of their lives on the open ocean, but too often die tragic deaths after becoming hooked on fishing lines and drowning. To ensure the survival of these magnificent birds, we need international cooperation. The Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels coordinates and advances protections for these birds, but the United States has yet to sign on. Now, legislation has been introduced that would enable the U.S. to join this treaty.

Read more here and take action to help.

Its Hot In That Car

If you need to take your companion animals with you. Then you need to leave the A.C. on in the car with water for them to drink. Otherwise, leave them at home and out of the heat. Too many times I have seen people leaving their companions in a hot car. Too many times I have had to call cops while busting the window open to save a dog’s life.

People need to understand if it’s too hot for them then it’s really too hot for their companions.

If you yourself see an animal in a hot car. You need to alert the local authorities, and let them know you had to break the window to save a life. This goes for young kids as well. Do not leave kids in the car on hot days either. Hot cars are death sentences.

Please be vigilant this summer and take precautions and care for your family members.

Free To Good Home

Free to a good home the most dangerous words that could ever be said or typed. Many times over advocates have warned against using these words, for the fear that any animal given away for free could lead to their doom.

Which it has on many occasions in the past on Craigslist and now on Facebook. The list of animal abusers has been growing over the last few years, with minimal effort to enforce animal cruelty laws, until this year. It has taken a multitude of animal deaths for animal cruelty to even start to be considered a Felony across our country.

When the truth of the matter is it should have already been that way from the very start.

Free to a good home; Words that should not be used in advertising for your companion. What you could use is; Rehoming Our Dog/Cat etc, Serious interest/people only. Also, I would suggest that you ask for references and Veterinary information, as well as doing a home check. To ensure that they have your companions safety and health in mind. That they are not some psychopath trying to obtain an animal to abuse.

Because the reality of the world is not always friendly. As you can see below with links to articles of the tragedy that struck the poor companion animals.

Arthur M. Vieira: Virginia Beach: Animal Abuse

Jason Brown: Nevada

Jeffrey Nally Jr. 

Alex Phelps

Other References

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If you are unable to ensure a safe home for your companion animals. It’s better to take them into a NO-KILL shelter and just pay their fee. Otherwise, these are the cruelest outcomes for your companions.


We are new to the world of Journalism. However, we are not new to advocating or acting on behalf of animals. We are a group of individuals dedicated to making a difference for animal kind.

We would like to start out by helping other advocates. By way of sharing petitions or even events that you may have. You can get into contact with us by way of the contact forum.

We welcome everyone to our journal and hope that all of us can make a difference together. 🌎💗