Social Media Blocking Animal Rights Groups

We have received several messages stating that Facebook has blocked our articles from being shared to their platform.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have been blocking Animal Rights advocates for a couple of years now and although we are not on Facebook, we see this as a big issue when advocating. Especially when our readers are unable to share our articles on the platform of choice.

The problem with blocking advocates for either right of animals or human rights is the fact that awareness cannot get across to the readers who act, adopt or donate to legitimate causes.

Which leaves animal and human lives in danger. Therefore, the question remains is how do we fix this problem? Boycotting seems feasible yet doubtful that ”Zuckerberg” would remotely care if he loses a handful of people, when millions if not billions of people use his platform. Unless his whole user base disappears and stops putting money in.

That’s when we looked at alternative platforms for advocacy. We have found that the alternative sites listed here at MTE are more adequate than that of Facebook. They do not sell information of their users nor do they block informative posts. They actually respect their consumer base.

So if you find yourself in a predicament of needing to change platforms for your advocacy and or organization, we recommend that you check out the alternative sites. To keep people informed or to help save the animal and human lives.

We hope that this article helps you to save more lives and to get your information across to the populace.