Who I choose to work with is my decision.

My name is Gwendolyn Cho, my choice to work with Mrs. Robbins is exactly that, my choice. I have been friends with her for 12+ years in real life. I have worked with her since the summer internship at a Veterinarians office in Pennsylvania, which turned into a Banfield.

I have volunteered by her side in shelters and I have stayed in constant contact with her when she moved out of state and back again. I have also worked alongside her as a whistleblower on corrupt organizations. Although I have never used Facebook or have had a WordPress until now, with a convincing dialogue from her. I stand by my choice.

I do not appreciate the appalling e-mail received two days ago. Stating so many falsehoods in several paragraphs, of harassment and slandering of character.

I will not share that email, it does not need any more attention. Moreover, it is with law enforcement.

To paraphrase the content of the email. In basic understanding. They have stated that my friend is a cyberbully and a person who abandons animals. These statements are not true in the least!

The facts are she became mixed up with the wrong people during a heated campaign to stop several corrupt organizations. She was used, lied to and stalked offline and on. She was pushed to a point of no return. By no return, I do mean she did try to end everything. And she is still recovering from that decision.

Her private address shared repeatedly and her online business with her artwork, destroyed by way of a smear campaign. Her fathers memorial and family were mixed up with her ex-friends. Not only that, but it too had slanderous remarks which were removed by the editorial team of the site. Mrs. Robbins has had to uproot and move and during this move, she has lost everything and one that was dear to her.

(Her companions were REHOMED, with the exception of one. Her pit bull who was stolen by her Mother-inlaw. And given to another family, without her knowledge until months after the fact. Her pit bull was her emotional support service animal and family member. I will not go into the details of how horrid the M.I.L is).

This whole thing that is continuing for 5+ years is malicious, moreover, it helps no one. It hinders, especially, when certain people tell others not to sign petitions for animals that are in desperate need of help.

This blog is meant for animal rights and welfare as well as for laws to be adjusted. Or in other terms enforced by the authorities. Yet, I have to take a moment to defend not only a great advocate/activist, in addition to that, my choice as well?

Enough of this, I will always stand by my choices and Mrs. Robbins. Because she does what she sets out to do. Which is Helping animals have rights and freedoms as well as loving homes.

Moreover, when she feels comfortable enough to write again I will wholeheartedly let her use this WordPress to do so.

I apologize for this post, yet I believe it was needed to get a point across. That drama, harassment and or slanderous remarks will not be tolerated. That there will be consequences by way of the legal system. 🚨

Comments are disabled with respect to my friend and writers, as well as our readers.


Social Media Blocking Animal Rights Groups

We have received several messages stating that Facebook has blocked our articles from being shared to their platform.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have been blocking Animal Rights advocates for a couple of years now and although we are not on Facebook, we see this as a big issue when advocating. Especially when our readers are unable to share our articles on the platform of choice.

The problem with blocking advocates for either right of animals or human rights is the fact that awareness cannot get across to the readers who act, adopt or donate to legitimate causes.

Which leaves animal and human lives in danger. Therefore, the question remains is how do we fix this problem? Boycotting seems feasible yet doubtful that ”Zuckerberg” would remotely care if he loses a handful of people, when millions if not billions of people use his platform. Unless his whole user base disappears and stops putting money in.

That’s when we looked at alternative platforms for advocacy. We have found that the alternative sites listed here at MTE are more adequate than that of Facebook. They do not sell information of their users nor do they block informative posts. They actually respect their consumer base.

So if you find yourself in a predicament of needing to change platforms for your advocacy and or organization, we recommend that you check out the alternative sites. To keep people informed or to help save the animal and human lives.

We hope that this article helps you to save more lives and to get your information across to the populace.