All animals removed from hoarder home in Livingston Parish

PORT VINCENT – The Humane Society of Louisiana says it’s helping relocate dozens of animals, including dogs, goats and chickens, after they were found packed in tight, poorly-kept spaces.

According to the Humane Society, Livingston Parish Animal Control workers were called to the Port Vincent home last week. The owner was reportedly charged with simply cruelty to animals.

Authorities said there were 99 animals living on the property – half inside the owner’s home.  Sixteen dogs, 14 cats, and ten chickens were found inside, police said. Outside, 8 goats, 46 chickens and five ducks were found.

The Port Vincent Police Department said Alva Marino was charged with cruelty in connection with the case.

Read more – WBRZ2: Animals Removed from Hoarder.


Japan Officials Blocking Help

Removing animals from situations like this can be extremely difficult. PETA Asia’s current campaign to see the release of Honey the dolphin, 46 penguins and other animals from Inubosaki Marine Park in Japan, has been met with silence from Japanese officials.

When Government officials stay silent and do not accept the help of organizations this leaves animals in extreme danger. This also makes these officials look complicit in the cruelty being conducted.

The situation with Honey the dolphin and the 46 penguins and the other animals, at the Inubosaki Marine Park. Is a tragic event of abandonment after it closed earlier in the year. According to PETA-Asia, Former employees are reportedly feeding the animals, but Honey has been left imprisoned in a tiny, filthy pool with green, cloudy water, and penguins have been spotted in unsafe enclosures littered with debris.

Read more information here, Honey the Dolphin.

Government officials should not turn a blind eye or deaf ear to organizations and individuals who are willing to do everything to help. Especially when those lives can expire from either malnutrition and unkempt facilities.

Although, former employees are doing their best to keep the animals fed they have no way of keeping the area clean. Like the New Yashima Aquarium animals, They need to be relocated into a rehabilitation, facility so they can return to their natural habitat.

PETA-Asia is on standby

Although, we have rehabilitation and release options available and ready to go for Honey, thus far we have not been granted access for even a marine expert to examine her. The authorities have not viewed this issue with any urgency as the Marine Park has still employed carers to care for the animals. The fact Honey has remained there alone for so long is overlooked by authorities.  

As we know dolphins are pod animals and like humans without social interaction action, social beings can go mad with loneliness. This situation is too dire for officials to continuously ignore.

Currently, Honey has been exhibiting signs of agitation and distress. Which is dangerous for marine animals as they have a tendency to smash themselves into their glass tanks. As a community, we must urge the officials to release these animals into the care of PETA and other rescues, before this situation becomes irreversible.

When you go onto PETA’s website please sign the letter and if you are in that area, we urge for a peaceful protest to release the animals from the Marine Park.

Every action taken is a step towards their freedom.

Please be aware that any hostility will set everything backwards. Always be diplomatic and peaceful.

New Yashima Aquarium: More Evidence

More cruelty evidence of New Yashima Aquarium.

Testimony and Reviews found –

Sign the petition: Shut Down Yashima Aquarium

Pictures courtesy of public submission.

Please follow the Facebook page: Ningyo La Mar d’Aprop for further information on other corrupt aquariums and how you can help stop them.

Additional Photos:

From 2016 – Twitter Photo Credit Black Cove

Sea turtle found dead with spear through its head at Florida national park

Posted: Jun 27, 2019 / 01:33 PM EDT / Updated: Jun 27, 2019 / 01:33 PM EDT

(Photo: Biscayne National Park)

HOMESTEAD, Fla. (WFLA) — Wildlife officials and federal investigators are looking into the death of a sea turtle that was found with a spear through its head near Biscayne National Park, The Miami Herald reported.

The green sea turtle was found Friday afternoon near Elliot Key by a group of anglers fishing the flats, a park’s service law enforcement ranger said. 

The animal had been poached, according to park officials who are trying to find the person responsible.

Sea turtles are a threatened or endangered species. Killing a sea turtle can result in a criminal conviction. Offenders can also be tried civilly. Anyone who is convicted may face up to one year in prison and/or a maximum fine of $100,000.

Those with information about the dead sea turtle are being asked to call National Park Service investigators at 305-242-7740.