Save The Endangered Species Act: Petition

Petition By : Stop Animal Cruelty

The grizzly bear. The California condor. The peregrine falcon. The manatee. The humpback whale.

The American bald eagle.

All of the above species were saved by the Endangered Species Act. It’s one of America’s great success stories: scientists have concluded that without the ESA, 227 species would’ve gone extinct from 1973-2005. The ESA has a remarkable 99% success record at preventing the extinction of listed species.

We’ve reached a breaking point. In May, a U.N. panel on world biodiversity released a massive report that found 1 million plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction if we don’t act to save them.

Despite all of this, the Trump administration has finalized sweeping changes to the ESA that will reduce protections for endangered animals and plants and make it easier to remove species from the endangered list. The rollback will also give industry more leeway to develop in areas where threatened wildlife live.

We must stop this mass animal cruelty.