Women Don’t Have Rights: Thanks Republicans

Women do not have basic constitutional rights. Unless you consider “voting rights” basic. The constitution DOES NOT cover healthcare either.

We would of had protection back in 1972, IF the Equal Rights Act was passed. However, it was defeated and largely because of a WOMAN named Phyllis Schlafly.

Phyllis Schlafly held paleoconservative social and political views, opposed liberal feminism, gay rights and abortion, and successfully campaigned against ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

How did Phyllis do this? Phyllis Schlafly was perhaps the most visible opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her “Stop ERA” campaign hinged on the belief that the ERA would eliminate laws designed to protect women and led to the eventual defeat of the amendment.

When in reality the ERA would have given:

Men and women shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Meaning, Women will not be discriminated against. Nor will their body autonomy come into question. Meaning Roe V Wade would have been solidified.

Furthermore, what the SCOTUS has done was indeed a violation of the constitution. Yet not for the reasons people think. (Since many think it was a violation of women’s rights when that does not exist – constitutionally) it was a violation of CHURCH AND STATE. The first amendment. And they have violated the 14th amendment.

First Amendment- When the First Amendment was adopted in 1791, the establishment clause applied only to the federal government, prohibiting the federal government from any involvement in religion. By 1833, all states had disestablished religion from government, providing protections for religious liberty in state constitutions.

The first amendment to the US Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Meaning- Congress shall not use their religious beliefs to make a RULING Or DECISION. They took an oath to be unbiased during their “meetings”.

Which brings us to the 14th Amendment.

14, section 3 – All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Meaning men and women have a right to life. Meaning taking away abortions for legit medical reasons that may cause life threatening issues were infringed upon.

Ectopic pregnancy is not a viable pregnancy and is life threatening. The “egg” and “cells” can rupture the Fallopian tubes, causing mass hemorrhage ( internal bleeding). Ectopic pregnancy are not exemptions from the anti-abortion laws, when it should be!

Placental Abruptions happen and although SOME rare occasions it corrects itself. There are times when they don’t and again will cause internal bleeding and fetal death. If the dead “fetus” is not removed this will cause fatal infection and sepsis. This causes a woman’s DEATH. Again infringing upon the right to life.

14th amendment “oath”. The oaths taking before settling into office is for said Senator, President and SCOTUS to uphold the constitution fully without biases. This was infringed upon. They lied under oath.

Because religious views played a big role in their decisions. 🖕🏽This is why there is separation between church and freaking state.

Life does not begin at conception. Cells begin at conception. Implantation begins, life does not. Therefore these antiabortionists are basically saying CANCER CELLS have A RIGHT TO LIFE. They are saying mens sperm have a right to life. Even though all men jerk off into a sock and abort that seed.

Let me see you prolife jerks outlaw Masturbation. I also want to see you adopt children from the orphanage’s. You are not prolife you are probirth. Because once that kid is born, there is NO affordable healthcare, daycare or preschool.

I am prochoice. The freedom to choose. The freedom to practice your religion without shoving it down someone else’s throat. The freedom to protest, the freedom to form an opinion, to choose a job, to go to the college you want or to not go.


Crafting For The Homeless

With colder weather coming soon. If you have a hobby like knitting, crocheting or tailoring or quilting. Many people have become homeless due to the pandemic. They’ll need Scarves, hats, gloves, blankets and warm clothing.

They’re struggling to provide for themselves and family.

Help them by making these items and donating to Goodwill, Salvation Army, food pantries. Or directly to the homeless shelters in your areas.

There are tons of free crocheting, knitting, tailoring and quilting patterns on the web and Pinterest and Even Instagram.

When donating food it must be shelf stable. Something that will last awhile. Non-perishables.

It may not be much yet every little bit helps.

Women Are Not Objects

As many know the company Activision Blizzard is under a lawsuit for Sexual Assault/Harassment and hostile work environment.

As many might have guessed I played the popular game World Of Warcraft on my downtime. Yet after the events that took place, since 2013 apparently, I’ve come to the decision to stop playing and suspend my subscription.

I’m doing this in support for the women who endured the hell and in support of the employees that did a walkout in protest. My money will not support the company or continued harassment and sexual assault these women went through.

Many gamers are doing the same thing. In hopes that Blizzard will do better than what they have done. They’ve already done one thing right and that was firing Alex Afrasiabi. The main “man” who initiated the sexual harassment.

However, they fired him in 2020 years after his initial harassment and assault. The damage has been done, the fact that they waited this long for anything to be done, shows how corrupt they are.

Blizzard has also issued apologies, yet it’s too little to late. Apologies, terminations and possible compensation should have been done when the first complaints came in and not years after.

The fact that I have to even write a post such as this, makes me sick, and has literally destroyed my faith for humanity.

I want to understand why men feel like they have to objectify women why they feel that we as women don’t have rights, to be treated fairly, or have rights to speak up or criticize the wrong they have done.

Asmongold was a popular streamer for World Of Warcraft. He now plays a different game, yet his fan base, which he has no control of. Are heartless towards everyone who may speak out and express their views/opinions. That are different from his.

Asmon has been speaking out against blizzard and has on more than one occasion banned people from his streams that have attacked women.

She wasn’t being a terrible person, she was explaining what happens to women when they critique or share thoughts that are not on the same page as Asmon.

Bringing attention to bigots or men who disrespect women, is a real world problem and it needs to be solved.

She has a right to be scared of tweeting or speaking her mind on social media because of people like you, devaluing, her rights to speak out against sexism, against bigots and chauvinism.

She was not comparing Asmon to blizzard. She was pointing out his fan base being hostile towards women.

This isn’t the 1950’s, women are allowed to play video games and have jobs now. We are not your incubators, and we are certainly not your maids or live in chefs!!!

You have proven Laura’s point of how you think about and how you treat women.

As the title says Women are not objects. We are people and we deserve the same rights as everyone else. We deserve to be treated as people. We deserve compassion, empathy, we deserve equality and equity.

Just remember without women you would not even be alive today.

If you wouldn’t treat your mothers this way, then why treat other women this way.

I’m not a feminist yet I am “woke”. And this right here, the reality of this situation is an injustice towards women.

The only people that need to grow up are those who would objectify and devalue a woman’s worth.

WHO urges halt to sale of live wild animals in markets, citing disease risk – CBS News

Geneva — The United Nations’ health agency on Tuesday urged countries to suspend the sale of live animals captured from the wild in food markets. The World Health Organization recommended it as an emergency measure, saying wild animals are a leading source of emerging infectious diseases like the coronavirus.
The WHO, backed by key partners, issued new guidance saying that animals – particularly wild animals – “are the source of more than 70 percent of all emerging infectious diseases in humans, many of which are caused by novel viruses.”
— Read on www.cbsnews.com/news/wet-markets-world-health-organization-coronavirus-live-wild-animals-sale-disease/

Too Much Cruelty In The World

With the recent events that have unfolded, I am really disgusted by the whole situation. A pandemic that could have been prevented if the POTUS took action sooner, and did not evacuate American Citizens from the red zones without quarantine first. (Not Fake News) That’s exactly what he did, before quarantine was even established he allowed them to go to their homes. He also fired the medical experts that could have set up relief for those returning, yet since they were there for the “Obama Administration”, you guessed it, the whole reason he fired them.

POTUS and those in the republican party are refusing to listen to the medical experts, so if ideas do not coincide with POTUS, you become disregarded and attacked. The facts are – Masks and social distance have proven to be effective. Take Pennsylvania for example – cases have gone down because of the Measures the Governor has taken. However, the republican party have been cruel and not leading by example. In fact they have gone without masks for meetings and a majority of them do have COVID-19.

How can people be so cruel to place others at risk to this virus? Does no one understand the severity of this virus? Has no one read the statistics and or long term side effects? Much of the side effects are lung related, losing approximately 45% of lung capacity. I would not wish that on anyone, not even my worst enemy. Yes, sure not everyone gets the severe case of COVID-19 and makes a full recovery, however, what about those who don’t have the immune system to battle this horrid virus? Do we just keep thinking the weak should die off and let the strong survive? How is this compassionate, how is that PRO-LIFE? Simply put it’s not.

Pandemic aside, we then have Police Brutality and lethal force. Yes, more of it is being caught on film. However, it’s not just black lives on the line. White, Spanish and Natives have been cruelly beaten and even have died. Yet the media will not cover that. I want to know why! Why is it the responsibility of ALT-Media to cover these events, when ALT media barely gets any recognition. Since 2017, Whites have been killed by cops 435 times. Spanish 250, Natives 184, and Blacks 340. Other ethnicities – 150. I think we can safely assume, that cops abuse their power and use lethal force on EVERYONE. Everyone is a target where cops are concerned, and it needs to end, sooner the better.

Police Reform has been in the talk for years, and no one could ever agree on a logical way to make reform happen. The fact is police are not trained to deal with mental health issues, or trained to help with disturbances. They are militarized, trained to catch hostile individuals. With police reform, funds would be allocated to social workers, and those in the medical field, which would allow them to be on-call 24/7. On top of this, police would also be retrained. Yet, for some reason – some people see this as a bad thing. It really isn’t, it’s actually a logical and sound way to proceed, to protect people.

With all that aside, I want to address the animal cruelty that took place during the protests and riots. Horses were stoned, by a cruel individual, I don’t remember what state it was, however, how does this help you get justice for anyone? How does tying a dog up and beating him/her to death help either? How is this sending a message for reform or to end brutality with police. It’s not, it’s only making it apparent that you are a sick individual needing to be placed behind bars!

Leave the animals out of this mess.

Unless you are freeing animals from pet shops and finding them homes during this time. Just leave them alone and stop the cruelty. There is way too much cruelty in this world as is. Why add onto the hostile ongoings that are transpiring in front of everyone.

I’m just fed up with it all and I know others are as well. I think people need to be re-educated, period. Humanity has lost their minds, lost compassion and empathy for others. It’s an all about me. myself and I attitude anymore. No one except for a few is thinking – We not me. Truly – this nation is divided. And no POTUS I’m afraid can change this anytime soon.

That’s how much faith I’ve lost.

Black Lives Matter – All Lives Matter
Humanity and Animal Life Matters.

A retired man evicted from his apartment and made homeless in France for taking care of animals: Petition

François Hollande, Président de la République Française

TRANSLATION of the title : A retired man evicted from his apartment and made homeless in France for taking care of animals, Parisian birds. We do not want he dies this winter on the street and we are asking the French authorities to give him back his appartement or to propose him another one in the same the 4th district of Paris (English translation follows). Un retraité, expulsé en France de son appartement à Paris pour avoir pris soin et porté secours aux animaux. Depuis, cet homme dort dans sa voiture dans son quartier à Paris car accepter des solutions de relogement l’éloignant de son quartier, serait cautionner l’injustice qui lui a été faite par la Mairie du IVe arrondissement de Paris. Ce monsieur a toujours payé régulièrement son loyer ainsi que ses impôts.

L’hiver dernier, impuissants, nous l’avons regardé dormir dans la rue, dans sa voiture. Un autre hiver dans la rue, dans le froid glacial serait fatal pour ce monsieur âgé qui même dans la rue continue de prendre soin de ses protégés, oiseaux de Paris. 
Ce monsieur qui a été rendu SDF par la Mairie de Paris est d’une grande culture et a toutes ses facultés intellectuelles et psychologiques intactes. Il a su préserver dan la rue sa finesse intellectuelle et sa dignité. Il ne boit pas et essaie au mieux de prendre soin de lui.

Veuillez-trouver ci-dessous l’histoire détaillée de ce Monsieur, sans oublier que ça pourrait arriver à chacun d’entre nous. Aujourd’hui on s’en prend aux personnes qui prennent soin des oiseaux. Demain on s’en prendra à celles qui s’occupent des chats et après demain aux propriétaires des chiens… nous ne devrions pas laisser passer ça. 

NOUS DEMANDONS QUE M. BELVEDERE REINTEGRE SON APPARTEMENT ou à défaut SOIT RELOGE DANS LE IVe ARRONDISSEMENT DE PARIS QUI TOUJOURS ETAIT LE SIEN, dans les conditions similaires quant à l’étage, la superficie, le confort et l’accessibilité.

English translation 
A a retired man in Francehas been evicted from his apartment in Paris because he took care of the animals. Since, he is living in his car, on the street in his district. He refuses to move to another place far from his parisian district, because it would signify he is accepting the injustice that has been done to him by the local administration of the 4th district of Paris. He always paid his rent regualrly and taxes.

Last winter powerless we watched him to sleep on the street, in his car. Another winter on the street, in the freezing cold would be fatal to this retired man who even on the street hold on taking care of his protégés, the birds of Paris. This man of a high culture and intellectual finesse who was made homeless by the Paris Council, remain dignified on the street. He do not drink alcohol and tries as much as possible to take care of himself.


You’ll find the full story of this man below (please activate your translator). Never forget that it can happen to each of us. Today they attack people who take care of birds. Tomorrow they’ll attack people who take care of cats and after tomorrow they’ll attack the owners of dogs. We should not let it happen.


M; Belvedere était locataire dans un appartement du 4e arrondissement de Paris au 131 rue Saint Martin, pour lequel il payait régulièrement le loyer grâce à sa retraite. 
Il y a plus d’un an la Mairie du 4e arrondissement, expulse M. Giuseppe de son appartement sous le prétexte officiel de ne pas utiliser l’appartement comme « un bon père de famille ». Il a été expulsé sans qu’on tienne compte de ses certificats médicaux attestant de sa santé fragile et sans qu’on attende la décision de l’appel qu’il avait fait suite à sa notification d’expulsion. 

Il a été expulsé en raison des nuisances qu’il aurait causées en portant assistance aux animaux. En effet M. Giuseppe, grand amoureux des oiseaux, soignait et nourrissait régulièrement dans ce quartier de Beaubourg ce qui reste des oiseaux à Paris à savoir : les pigeons et les moineaux. Il n’y ait pas d’autres reproches à lui faire que celui-ci.

Or prendre soin des animaux n’est pas un crime, alors que laisser un vieil homme à la rue en est un. Depuis Monsieur Giuseppe est devenu SDF et habite dans sa voiture, son seul toit. Il a été menacé de mort par les personnes que sa simple présence dans la voiture dérangeait. Ils ont menacé de mettre le feu à sa voiture alors qu’il ne commet aucune nuisance d’aucune sorte. Il a été agressé violemment à plusieurs reprises ce qui a des répercussions graves sur sa santé (problèmes de dos, de dents, narcolepsie…). On a cassé les vitres de sa voiture et volé les affaires personnelles de M. Belvedere ainsi que 25 kg de graines destinés aux oiseaux…. 
On a tenté de l’éloigner de Paris. Sa voiture a été mise en fourrière loin de Paris, sans respecter les délais légaux d’enlèvement et le passage en pré fourrière, accompagné d’une amende de 136 €. Nous apprenons en août 2012 qu’une saisie arrêt sur la retraite de Giuseppe, a été mise en place ! Tous les mois, on va lui prélever 50 € ! Cet homme a plus que jamais besoin d’un avocat !

Le froid débarque à Paris et Giuseppe est toujours à la rue. Malgré l’acharnement de la police, le rejet d’une partie de la population, la violence, la méchanceté, l’enlèvement régulière de sa voiture, la haine, et maintenant l’arrivée du froid, il est là, bien vivant mais moins bien portant et toujours prêt à accomplir quotidiennement sa tâche, prendre soin de ses protégés. 

Vu que l’expulsion de M. Giuseppe est abusive et qu’il est très attaché à son quartier, il refuse des solutions de relogement l’éloignant de Paris. 

Nous sommes plus d’un millier à le soutenir et le nombre de personnes signant la pétition augmente chaque jour. Giuseppe Belvedere doit pouvoir réintégrer son appartement qui a été très rapidement reloué. Nous nous posons des questions sur les véritables raisons de cette expulsion dans ce quartier très prisé. Un deuxième hiver dans sa voiture n’est plus acceptable et risque d’être son dernier. Depuis l’hiver dernier le dos du vieil homme s’est bien courbé… le sourire se fait rare.

Nous ne pouvons rester passifs face à une telle situation. Monsieur Belvedere malgré les conditions très difficiles de sa vie dans la rue mène une vie saine, il ne boit pas, mange le plus sainement possible, ne manifeste aucune agressivité. C’est un homme sain d’esprit, très digne et d’une grande culture. Son dernier arme est une vieille pancarte faite par ses sympathisants qu’il trimbale avec son caddie. Sa voiture étant toujours son seul refuge dans le froid glacial. 

Ne laissons pas le monde mettre à l’écart ceux qui ont encore la soif de veiller au bien-être des animaux, combattre contre la haine, la méchanceté, la bêtise. Prendre soin des êtres faibles que sont les oiseaux est un acte profondément humain. Y vouer sa vie est un combat. Aider Giuseppe c’est combattre pour un monde meilleur.

Je vous prie de trouver ci-dessous M. Giuseppe en vidéo ainsi que quelques liens traitant de cette affaire, de notre collectif d’aide à Giuseppe. 
M. Giuseppe en vidéo :

en 2010 donc avant l’expulsion en train de soigner les oiseaux : 

Après l’expulsion en 2012, observer le changement… 


Autres : 







Ses soutiens sur FB : https://www.facebook.com/events/474321849246748/?fref=ts





Témoignage : 

La pétition : https://www.lapetition.be/en-ligne/petition-11007.html
La pétition avaaz : http://www.avaaz.org/fr/petition/Solidarite_avec_Giuseppe_Belvedere_Halte_aux_expulsions_intolerables_inhumaines_et_injustes/?cxtsXab

En savoir plus sur Giuseppe ? http://www.sans-abris-sdf-exclus.com/, http://forum.entraides-citoyennes.org/

Sign here: https://www.causes.com/actions/1689137-giuseppe-retraite-francais-expulse-de-son-logement-et-rendu-sdf-engl-translation-below-pour-avoir-pris-soin-des-oiseaux-de-paris-relogez-en?

Support a Military Weapons Ban

Petition By: Progressive Impact

Over 70% of all voters would support banning assault weapons, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll. Over 86% of Democrats would back such a ban, and over 54% of GOP voters said they’d support stricter gun laws more generally. Over 90% of Republican voters said they would back universal background checks for weapons purchases, and over 23% of potential voters opposed an assault weapons ban.

The majority of Americans want stricter gun control, so why won’t our government act? Enough is enough. We need to stand up against gun violence and enact harsher gun regulations to prevent tragedies like Dayton and El Paso from ever occurring again.

Congress, please listen to your voters, and support a military weapons ban now.

Petition: https://www.causes.com/actions/2597883-sign-the-petition-to-u-s-congress?recruiter_id=189292088

Stop the sale of guns at Walmart stores: Petition

Petition by Walmart Walkout

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/doug-mcmillon-stop-the-sale-of-guns-at-walmart-stores?source_location=discover_feed

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019: 2 people were murdered at Walmart #0848 in Southaven, Mississippi

Saturday, August 3rd, 2019: 22 people were murdered at Walmart #2201 in El Paso, Texas.

In light of these recent tragedies — a mere snapshot of the gun violence epidemic plaguing the United States — and in response to Corporate’s inaction, we as employees are organizing several days of action, to protest Walmart’s profit from the sale of firearms and ammunition.

Walmart is a company that has always placed its associates and customers first; we have recently made great strides toward fostering a safe, inclusive, and progressive community. Last year, Walmart raised the minimum age to buy a firearm or ammunition from 18 to 21. In 2015, Walmart removed products resembling assault-style rifles from its inventory. Nonetheless, Walmart remains one of the largest retailers of firearms in the United States, and there is a direct correlation between the number/availability of guns and the amount of mass shootings per capita.

Yes, we have made great strides already, but now we must organize to shape this company into a place that we can all be proud of. As associates, we can and must leverage our power and ability to change our company for the better.

We have one demand, and that is all. We value Walmart and our fellow associates, but we are no longer willing to contribute our labor to a company that profits from the sale of deadly weapons.

We would like to see Walmart take a unified and public stance against guns and gun violence. We urge our leadership to cease the sale of all firearms and ammunition, ban the public open and concealed carry of weapons on company property and in all stores, and cease WALPAC donations to NRA backed -A/A+ politicians.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at walmartwalkout@gmail.com

Common Sense Gun Laws

Guns are dangerous in the wrong hands, no matter how much some would like to think otherwise. The fact remains we do need more common-sense gun laws and control.

We need to ban assault rifles, for civilian use. Ak47(WASR-10), Remington, M4, and M16 just to name a few, should not be accessible for civilians. Especially, those who are mentally unstable. Who are not only a danger to themselves, yet to others as well.

Those with a criminal background should be disallowed from purchasing and owning, those who are unstable should be denied. Thorough background checks need to be done.

Weapons Dealers (private sellers) sorry to say should have a license to sell and carry and be registered. As well as take classes to notice the signs of instability. I say this because of the constant mass shootings happening over the past few years. Everyone who owns or plans to purchase needs to register themselves.

This will cut crimes in half and make police work more efficient. By way of finding the owners faster during a shootout investigation.

These are consequences for horrid actions. I know I can’t be the only one tired of these travesties. Human life is precious, just like all life is.

Quite frankly, I don’t care for the NRA since they really have not been doing their true job. Which is supposed to mainly be for gun safety education. Yet lately it has been for lobbying on gun rights and ownership. instead of trying to place common-sense laws.

Truthfully I doubt they care about public safety anymore since they have been a big buyer for anti-law bills.

In order to fight for common-sense laws, people need to attend town meetings with facts and a calm demeanor.

Let me make this perfectly clear I’m not saying take guns away. I’m saying ban assault rifles that have been the biggest part of mass shootings. Assault rifles have been banned before during the Clinton administration and the massacres/gun violence WAS at an all-time low. We need to implement that law again for the populace’s safety.

We will work on a plan, statement for our area to present. When done we will share it here for others to use as a foothold for public safety.

Who I choose to work with is my decision.

My name is Gwendolyn Cho, my choice to work with Mrs. Robbins is exactly that, my choice. I have been friends with her for 12+ years in real life. I have worked with her since the summer internship at a Veterinarians office in Pennsylvania, which turned into a Banfield.

I have volunteered by her side in shelters and I have stayed in constant contact with her when she moved out of state and back again. I have also worked alongside her as a whistleblower on corrupt organizations. Although I have never used Facebook or have had a WordPress until now, with a convincing dialogue from her. I stand by my choice.

I do not appreciate the appalling e-mail received two days ago. Stating so many falsehoods in several paragraphs, of harassment and slandering of character.

I will not share that email, it does not need any more attention. Moreover, it is with law enforcement.

To paraphrase the content of the email. In basic understanding. They have stated that my friend is a cyberbully and a person who abandons animals. These statements are not true in the least!

The facts are she became mixed up with the wrong people during a heated campaign to stop several corrupt organizations. She was used, lied to and stalked offline and on. She was pushed to a point of no return. By no return, I do mean she did try to end everything. And she is still recovering from that decision.

Her private address shared repeatedly and her online business with her artwork, destroyed by way of a smear campaign. Her fathers memorial and family were mixed up with her ex-friends. Not only that, but it too had slanderous remarks which were removed by the editorial team of the site. Mrs. Robbins has had to uproot and move and during this move, she has lost everything and one that was dear to her.

(Her companions were REHOMED, with the exception of one. Her pit bull who was stolen by her Mother-inlaw. And given to another family, without her knowledge until months after the fact. Her pit bull was her emotional support service animal and family member. I will not go into the details of how horrid the M.I.L is).

This whole thing that is continuing for 5+ years is malicious, moreover, it helps no one. It hinders, especially, when certain people tell others not to sign petitions for animals that are in desperate need of help.

This blog is meant for animal rights and welfare as well as for laws to be adjusted. Or in other terms enforced by the authorities. Yet, I have to take a moment to defend not only a great advocate/activist, in addition to that, my choice as well?

Enough of this, I will always stand by my choices and Mrs. Robbins. Because she does what she sets out to do. Which is Helping animals have rights and freedoms as well as loving homes.

Moreover, when she feels comfortable enough to write again I will wholeheartedly let her use this WordPress to do so.

I apologize for this post, yet I believe it was needed to get a point across. That drama, harassment and or slanderous remarks will not be tolerated. That there will be consequences by way of the legal system. 🚨

Comments are disabled with respect to my friend and writers, as well as our readers.