Letter To Abe Shinzo: Prime Minister Of Japan

Dear Prime Minister Shinzo,

I am writing in regards to the cruelty currently taking place at the New Yashima Aquarium amongst others, located in Takamatsu, Japan. For more than 8 years aquatic animals have had to endure a life of cruel small enclosures, dirty tanks and trainers treating them as mere items. Recently, I have received photo evidence of a trainer riding one of the dolphins as a surfboard in full Power Ranger costume. This type of incident is not how any animal should be treated. Even still there is also video evidence of dolphins smashing their head into the glass of the tank. These animals are not happy nor are they stable. They are agitated, stressed and even depressed. These animals need to be released to a rescue group that has the ability to rehabilitate them. So they can go back into the wild and be with the rest of the pods. Keeping animals for entertainment purposes is not how we protect or conserve their lives. It becomes more about greed and franchising. When it should be about education, protection as well as repopulating the species. I believe Japan has lost sight of this and now is the time to change that for the better of both human and animal life.

Please consider urging the rightful authorities to investigate and shut down the aquariums in question. While also releasing the animals to PETA-Asia.

Aquariums that need investigation:

New Yashima
Inubosaki Marine Park
Enoshima Aquarium

All of which have evidence of abuse. That can be found online via Youtube and the review sections on Google. I have included these links and photos.

I have also included with this letter petition signatures. I hope you will consider hearing our plea to help the animals at these aquariums and parks.

Thank you for your time

Mrs. Mary Robbins

Mrs. Robbins has been working diligently to get authorities to investigate these parks and aquariums in question. We are working with her to see that these places become investigated and closed.