Dog Abandoned In Plastic Bin Near Highway In Falls: SPCA

FALLS TOWNSHIP, PA — The Bucks County SPCA is offering a reward for information about a dog found abandoned in poor condition in a plastic bin alongside a busy highway in Falls Township.

The dog — a small, terrier mix that SPCA staff have named Frodo — was found in the bin alongside Business Rt. 1 on Monday and taken to nearby Banfield Pet Hospital. According to SPCA officials, he was suffering from severe matting and had painful ear and eye infections.

Thankfully, staff say, he’s now being cared for and treated by the SPCA’s veterinary team. His heavily matted fur has been shaved and he’s receiving medication for his infections.

“Frodo has a long road ahead before he will be available for adoption by a family who will give him the love he deserves,” Bucks SPCA wrote on Facebook.

Abandonment of animals is a crime in Pennsylvania and the SPCA is encouraging anyone with information about Frodo to contact its cruelty investigation team at 215-794-7425 or

The group is offering a $2,000 reward for information.

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