Free To Good Home

Free to a good home the most dangerous words that could ever be said or typed. Many times over advocates have warned against using these words, for the fear that any animal given away for free could lead to their doom.

Which it has on many occasions in the past on Craigslist and now on Facebook. The list of animal abusers has been growing over the last few years, with minimal effort to enforce animal cruelty laws, until this year. It has taken a multitude of animal deaths for animal cruelty to even start to be considered a Felony across our country.

When the truth of the matter is it should have already been that way from the very start.

Free to a good home; Words that should not be used in advertising for your companion. What you could use is; Rehoming Our Dog/Cat etc, Serious interest/people only. Also, I would suggest that you ask for references and Veterinary information, as well as doing a home check. To ensure that they have your companions safety and health in mind. That they are not some psychopath trying to obtain an animal to abuse.

Because the reality of the world is not always friendly. As you can see below with links to articles of the tragedy that struck the poor companion animals.

Arthur M. Vieira: Virginia Beach: Animal Abuse

Jason Brown: Nevada

Jeffrey Nally Jr. 

Alex Phelps

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If you are unable to ensure a safe home for your companion animals. It’s better to take them into a NO-KILL shelter and just pay their fee. Otherwise, these are the cruelest outcomes for your companions.



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