Stop Poaching: Petition

Petition By: Cameren Cooper

Animal poaching is at an all-time high according to a 2016 study amongst elephants. Twenty-thousand elephants were killed in 2015 for their ivory tusks. A single elephant is murdered every fifteen minutes. In Kenya alone, seven hundred and thirty elephants are killed annually. This is about two elephants each day. This is a serious issue that needs to be resolved. Many organizations have tried to resolve the problem but we need someone that everyone will listen to.

Elephants are on the road to extinction and are expected to be extinct by the year 2025. The ivory that is illegally poached in these countries is then sold to others such as China. Since there is a “large” number of elephants in the export countries, it is easy to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. The ivory trade has been helping these countries for some time now, but it has recently been deemed illegal. There are groups, despite the demand, who are trying to stop poaching from happening, period.

One prime example is the International Anti-Poaching Foundation which is a non-profit organization that is trying to stop illegal poaching of all animals, including elephants. Since it was founded in 2009, members have talked to many communities about the dangers of poaching and how to stop it. Hopefully poaching will cease and the elephant population will grow, but elephants are not the only animals affected by illegal poaching.


Stop Poaching: Petition

Petition by: Darragh Campbell

Dear Simon Birmingham

I’m campaigning against animal poaching and my goal is to raise awareness against poaching that is mainly happening over in Africa. I’m respectfully asking you to ensure that labelling on alternative medicines imported from Asia is complete and accurate. This is important because in recent years products have been tested here in Australia and have been found to include traces of endangered animals.

DNA testing of traditional Chinese medicines has shown that many contain traces of endangered animals. The tests were performed by Australian scientists devising new ways to detect exactly what plant and animal materials are contained in traditional Chinese medicines and herbal teas. In the past some have been found to contain materials from endangered species, banned medicines and even toxic metals. Some samples were found to contain DNA from potentially harmful plants, and from endangered species such as black bears and antelope. Not all the samples that contained animal DNA had been labelled as containing material from animals and I feel that this isn’t checked up on. The snow leopard is a fine example of materials used within medicines illegally, currently there are only 7000 snow leopards left in the wild. If this doesn’t change animals are going to go extinct without some of us knowing since it isn’t stated on certain medicinal material, illegal animal materials are making its way in without us knowing, some animal materials used in products don’t actually create benefits for the item and can almost be useless.

If more was done to ensure no imported ‘medicines’ contain endangered species, less animals would be killed for medicines that don’t work. This could show the extinction rate of animals. You should act on this as I believe you could successfully oversee/stop the importation of illegal medicines into our country. I believe you would be able to stop this as you are the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment and this is your role. This needs to be stopped innocent animals are being killed for the sake of medicine that doesn’t help anyone. Please support this campaign by considering this request.

Petition: Stop Poaching