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Petition By Protect The Wolves

BAN GRAZING ALLOTMENTS IN KNOWN WOLF DEN AREAS. Ranchers like McIrvrin need to be stopped from grazing known Wolf Den Areas. McIrvin Refuses to follow adopted policy Rules and The USFS refuse to act on those Refussals

Rodney Smoldon district Colville USFS Manager Approved The Kalispel Tribes Cultural Allotment Closure Request, then 2 days later James Pena reversed Smoldons Decision.

RE: Review and Rescission of the Forest Service Grazing Permit for Bill McIrvin and the Diamond M Ranch

In Addition This Complaint is being submitted on Behalf of The Kalispel Tribe, for an Approval of a Cultural Closure Request for the Kalispel Tribe, then its Denial by James Pena 2 days later.

This complaint requests that the U.S. Forest Service (“USFS” or “Service”), responsible for the management of Colville National Forest, review and/or rescind the grazing permit of Diamond M Ranch, located in Laurier, Washington and owned by Bill McIrvin, for continued failure to practice adequate animal husbandry techniques to protect a Washington State endangered species held as Sacred by Traditional Native American Cultural Beliefs on federal land, which includes documented overgrazing.

McIrvin’s past, as well as current, history proves ill intent beyond a reasonable doubt. This behavior is in violation of USFS policies and regulations. Diamond M Ranch’s failure to abide by cooperative agreements with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (“WDFW”) concerning

livestock/predator interactions, have single-handedly resulted in the lethal control and eradication of nearly 20% of Sacred gray wolves (Canis lupus) within Washington state and have accounted for three-quarters of all state-sponsored lethal control events since the return of Sacred gray wolves to the state in 2008. He has also refused use of WDFW supplied Range Riders during summer months
as reported by WDFW.

We have provided documented photographic evidence with the original complaint to previous managers, which USFS continues to overlook, showing the blatant disregard for enforcing or following regulations set out in his USFS grazing permit by not monitoring overgrazing. The submitted pictures show sufficient good cause to terminate McIrvin’s Allotments. This stand of grass that was placed there for the Creator’s wildlife, all of which Traditional Native Americans hold Sacred, yet overgrazing in violation of McIrvin’s USFS permit has rendered this little more than a patch of dust.

This permittee’s ongoing needless and potentially deliberate creation of conflict with wildlife threatens to violate USFS policies governing sensitive species, viable wildlife populations, and cumulative adverse effects on native wildlife. For these reasons, Protect The Wolves™ representing 57,750 followers requests USFS to review permittee operations of Diamond M Ranch and develop conditions that would avoid continued violations of USFS policies and regulations, or state and federal laws. Furthermore, if the permittee is unwilling to cooperate with USFS personnel on adherence to agency rules, then we urge the USFS to restrict or rescind the grazing permits of

Diamond M Ranch for its Lambert and CC Mountain allotments.

In addition, Protect The Wolves™ requests that USFS list the gray wolf (Canis lupus) as a sensitive and Sacred species and adjust accordingly protections afforded to the wolf under the Service’s Forest Management Plan for Colville National Forest, as well as all other National Forests. The Wolf, one of all the 4-leggeds and winged-ones, holds significant Sacred Cultural value to all Indigenous peoples that practice the Traditional Teachings, as such deserve the same level of reverence and protection from unlawful government infringement and any Ibrahimic beliefs, practices, or relics.

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