All Life Is Sacred

All life is sacred – this statement should ring true with the entire human race of our planet. Yet for some, animal life means nothing to them, as they would rather hunt for trophies and or greed. Some say they hunt to sustain their natural life. What is natural about a human, picking up a rifle or bow and killing a defenseless animal? We are no longer of the Neanderthal manner – our brains and digestive tract have evolved passed the need for any meat or dairy product in our diets. Yet media propaganda and forced repetitive food advertisements along with “Professional” big wigs would have you see otherwise. If you were to ask an unbiased dietitian they would inform you the realities of the situation at hand.

“But we have canines”, do we really?

Compare the two photos above, think long and very hard about that statement. Our canines are not for tearing off “flesh or meat”. Our canines are “flat” while apes, tigers, lions and other carnivores or omnivores have “jagged or pointed” canines for tearing the flesh or meat.

You ever notice how you crave vegetables as a side dish because your meat dish just doesn’t seem filling enough. It’s your body subconsciously telling you that is what you should be eating instead of the potentially hazardous meat. Ketchup = Tomatoes, Mustard = made from a mustard seed “PLANT”. Notice that practically all of our “condiments” are plant-based.

“But our eyes are of the hunter type” – That my dear people is an evolutionary throwback, it would look quite odd if our eyes would be on the sides of our heads, like a lizard, so to say I am glad for this throwback.

“Meat gives you protein” – Along with high cholesterol and unnecessary unwanted saturated fats which can cause heart issues.

The healthiest protein you could ingest would be a plant based protein from certain plants you already incorporate with your meals.

Brussels Sprouts
Soy Bean
Lima, Pinto, Red, Kidney Beans


Gary Yourofsky – One of the most inspirational speakers for animal rights and vegan life choices made this inspirational speech while visiting the Georgia Tech in 2010. His brilliant insight of factual information changed many lives throughout the world. (including mine)

I am not trying to force anything down any, person’s proverbial throat, I am merely given some insight into what could be accomplished if the absolute truth was or is shown. What could be accomplished would be absolute bliss, where animal lives didn’t have to be sacrificed for sustenance or sheer greed of the human stigma – ( The stigma that “only the rich and powerful will survive”).

Until we realize that all life in itself is connected entirely – Our world will continue to spin into the darkness that our generations before have set us on the path for. Currently, many advocates and activists are fighting a battle with governments to protect our most precious and sacred of endangered species because of poaching and the current administration, removing protections. Until this administration and hunter types realize that animals of this magnitude are not a renewable resource – the only remembrance we will have of such – is photographed in a book or media documentaries.

What needs to be done – is for regulations to be in place, for people to stop killing just because they wish to be seen as a “great” hunter or for monetary purposes and or for trophy kills.
In order for this to happen – we as a community need to push for this change; by attending accordingly meetings to discuss such action, letter writing, protesting peacefully while making valid points stick, while also urging our governing officials to see reason, while possibly making emendations to certain bylaws, statutes and or code/laws.

We also need to research more into the gossip of “Farmers” being paid off to cancel their crops for a substantial amount of funds. To where they turn their once vegetable or fruit orchard into a Dairy/Meat Farm. (Rumours being passed down the line – where I’m led to ask if anyone has tangible evidence of this to come forward. Thanks)

Rome was not built in a day nor was it built by a single person. Therefore, we must all work together as a united front to actually accomplish what needs to be done, for these animals out there in dire need of our voices and perseverance. Never lose faith, never surrender, and never give up on this goal to see that all lives, big, small, wet or furry have a future where they can live while having the ability to be prosperous in nature.