Animal Lives Matter

The lives of animals matter, yet some think otherwise. Some think human life is greater than that of Animal Life, and that animals deserve zero rights to life.

We are in the age of technology, where we do not need to experiment on animals just to find a cure for some kind of ailment. We are capable of finding cures through virtual reality through a combination of a computer program, mathematics and yes, even virtual chemicals. It is no longer science fiction, it is science fact.

Yet here scientists sit in a laboratory studying and testing on living beings who are unable to say stop. Who are unable to say you are hurting us, who are scared and in pain every day of the week.

I write this in disgust of an article that was shared with me on Facebook, of how the Government just gave the go-ahead to experiment on live dogs.

The US government has decided to press ahead with controversial experiments on dogs, despite critics in congress and elsewhere attacking them as cruel and unnecessary. The department for veterans affairs (VA) has approved the continuation of the testing, which it says will help doctors find new ways to treat wounded soldiers, according to USA Today.

Researchers running the experiments will remove sections of the dogs’ brains that control breathing, sever spinal cords to test cough reflexes and implant pacemakers before triggering abnormal heart rhythms. All the dogs involved will ultimately be euthanized.

These experiments are otherwise known as Vivisection. Here’s the article:

What is Vivisection?

Vivisection, operation on a living animal for experimental rather than healing purposes; more broadly, all experimentation on live animals. It is opposed by many as cruelty and supported by others on the ground that it advances medicine; a middle position is to oppose unnecessarily cruel practices, use alternatives when possible, and restrict experiments to necessary medical research (as opposed, for example, to cosmetics testing). Surgery on animals without anesthesia was once common; many people, most significantly René Descartes, claimed that animals did not really feel pain. The testing of certain chemicals on animals to find the lethal dose still occurs.

Is Vivisection Against The Law?

Simply put it is very legal in the United States. Although highly controversial, to where activists have gone to jail for sabotaging the experimental torture. Which I truly tip my hat to them, for the courage it takes to make those rescues happen.

Right now, these dogs and other animals are going to need everyones help, escaping from the hell that will be taken place. We must raise our voices. Write, tweet, and call into the legislation, the Senate as well as the house of representatives. In order to halt the atrocities from happening to these animals.

No animal deserves to be treated with such malice, just so some cure can be found. Animal lives matter. Moreover, it is about time that our government realizes just how much they matter.

As always, when contacting officials, be diplomatic and state facts. Keep persisting, no matter how many times they may hang up, or walk away. Vigilant Persistence will save lives.

(Article was written by Mary Robbins and shared with us)

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