We Care, Yet People Are Idiots

There’s a group out there, that made videos falsifying evidence to persecute Planned Parenthood, due to the fact that PPH refers patients to doctors that do abortions.

David R. Daleiden and his associates are the ones who secretly met with Nucatola director of medical services at PPH. Daleiden posed as a representative for a company that does fetal tissue research. Impersonation is against the law. Especially if you don’t work for a whistleblowing organization. The fact is the videos were heavily edited, which was proven in court. Even still it gave Republicans the power to push their agenda.

(Court Cases Against David Daleiden: Criminal Case against Anti-Abortion Activists David Daleiden, Sandra Merritt to Move Forward
Major Victory for National Abortion Federation Against Anti-Abortion Extremists
Planned Parenthood Investigated: Planned Parenthood Investigations Find No Fetal Tissue Sales)

Moreover, even though the videos were proven falsified. People still believe that PPH does full-term abortions When they don’t. Full term is illegal in all 50 states has been since the 1960s. Full-term means brain function at 22 weeks.
PPH, does pap-smears, rectal exams, breast exams, counseling for those who want abortions. Education lecture on sexual activity. They supply feminine essentials and condoms.

No, I’m not a spokesperson or gofer for PPH, I’m just a person trying to correct the false statements being continuously spread. No matter which way any person twists this. Abortions are a necessary evil. Because it does save many lives. Just not the life that these people want.

Abortions save women and teenage girls. Due to the fact that medical issues do arise during pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is life-threatening, and is not viable! fallopian tube rupture and cause internal bleeding.
Egg implantation outside the womb/sac can cause intestinal failure, sepsis, and the calcification of the fetus will cause damage to the organs around it.
Then there’s the chance that the fetus/baby will not survive outside the womb without the help of machines. Melorheostosis, Gorham-Stout disease, Brittle Bone Disease, Osteogenesis imperfecta, and Caffey syndrome. There are other diseases, that can kill upon birth.

Life does not begin at conception, life begins when there’s brain activity when the brain is formed at 22 weeks. Conception is cells mutating, that fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks is not a true heartbeat. It’s a cell moving spinning around collecting the necessary cells to form an actual fetus. Watch Some Netflix or TLC biology it’s all there with details.

Maybe if the Secretary of education didn’t cut out health classes for the curriculum, people would not be so idiotic.

I don’t agree with abortions as birth control I agree with abortions when it’s medically necessary, rape and incest. Those who use it as a form of birth control just to be knocked up again are monsters. And have literally enabled the republican’ agenda. Because now, in Alabama and Texas, women can’t get an abortion even when it’s medically necessary.

In addition, if it’s not the anti abortions crowd it’s the Weed is bad crowd. Weed is a plant, with no manmade chemicals and is not man-made. Weed helps people with a variety of ailments. It treats seizures, chronic pain caused by nerve damage, arthritis, and even cataracts. It helps cancer patients with nausea and headaches. It helps with anxiety and depression.

You can’t Od on weed, you can’t drive and get into an accident like you can when drunk. Weed knocks you out before you can even consider driving. And if you do drive while under the influence, you are focused more and pay attention to the speed and cars around you. It’s not a gateway drug either, the only thing it leads you to is the fridge. You make weird concoctions of food when you are in not so many words, stoned. On top of this, you will never find an “angry” aggressive person who does weed, or edibles.

Now I’m going to say this If it doesn’t affect you personally if it’s not YOUR body you have no say, what happens to another person is their own business. I say this due to the fact that I take edibles, for my Chronic pain, due to Nerve Damage, Disc Degeneration, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Edibles, help me function throughout the day, It enabled me to be able to PICK UP my kid, play with my kid, clean house, and so on. Without the THC/CBD Edibles, I would be bedridden, unable to move.

I’ve already been through this argument, with people calling me a bad parent because I have edibles. Well, people, My edibles are in a childproof locked closet on the top shelf out of reach from my kid.

Even though I have backed my information with article links to the cases of David R Daleiden, and the investigation of PPH, I know people will still continue to be ignorant. However, to the truthers out there that need this evidence, to debunk those arguments, it’s here as a reference.

Other References, I am using are from OB/GYNS, and American Health Association, on childbirth diseases and syndromes. (books found at the local library)

Women Are Not Objects

As many know the company Activision Blizzard is under a lawsuit for Sexual Assault/Harassment and hostile work environment.

As many might have guessed I played the popular game World Of Warcraft on my downtime. Yet after the events that took place, since 2013 apparently, I’ve come to the decision to stop playing and suspend my subscription.

I’m doing this in support for the women who endured the hell and in support of the employees that did a walkout in protest. My money will not support the company or continued harassment and sexual assault these women went through.

Many gamers are doing the same thing. In hopes that Blizzard will do better than what they have done. They’ve already done one thing right and that was firing Alex Afrasiabi. The main “man” who initiated the sexual harassment.

However, they fired him in 2020 years after his initial harassment and assault. The damage has been done, the fact that they waited this long for anything to be done, shows how corrupt they are.

Blizzard has also issued apologies, yet it’s too little to late. Apologies, terminations and possible compensation should have been done when the first complaints came in and not years after.

The fact that I have to even write a post such as this, makes me sick, and has literally destroyed my faith for humanity.

I want to understand why men feel like they have to objectify women why they feel that we as women don’t have rights, to be treated fairly, or have rights to speak up or criticize the wrong they have done.

Asmongold was a popular streamer for World Of Warcraft. He now plays a different game, yet his fan base, which he has no control of. Are heartless towards everyone who may speak out and express their views/opinions. That are different from his.

Asmon has been speaking out against blizzard and has on more than one occasion banned people from his streams that have attacked women.

She wasn’t being a terrible person, she was explaining what happens to women when they critique or share thoughts that are not on the same page as Asmon.

Bringing attention to bigots or men who disrespect women, is a real world problem and it needs to be solved.

She has a right to be scared of tweeting or speaking her mind on social media because of people like you, devaluing, her rights to speak out against sexism, against bigots and chauvinism.

She was not comparing Asmon to blizzard. She was pointing out his fan base being hostile towards women.

This isn’t the 1950’s, women are allowed to play video games and have jobs now. We are not your incubators, and we are certainly not your maids or live in chefs!!!

You have proven Laura’s point of how you think about and how you treat women.

As the title says Women are not objects. We are people and we deserve the same rights as everyone else. We deserve to be treated as people. We deserve compassion, empathy, we deserve equality and equity.

Just remember without women you would not even be alive today.

If you wouldn’t treat your mothers this way, then why treat other women this way.

I’m not a feminist yet I am “woke”. And this right here, the reality of this situation is an injustice towards women.

The only people that need to grow up are those who would objectify and devalue a woman’s worth.