ASPCA Removes 29 Animals from Arkansas Property

Right now, the ASPCA is removing 29 dogs from a dilapidated property in Arkansas, upon the request of a local animal shelter and the Sheriff’s office.

The dogs’ owner was completely overwhelmed and admitted that the sheer number of animals was too much to handle. There was no electricity on the property, or adequate shelter to keep all the dogs safe and warm at night. Realizing that it had become a bad situation for the well-being of the animals, the pet owner, local animal shelter and local authorities collectively reached out for help.

These dogs will be transported to the ASPCA emergency shelter, where they will provide them with a warm bed, medical treatment, behavioral assessments and continued care.

If you would like to donate to help them finance their efforts, you can do so on their website: Donate to the ASPCA


Published by

Fusia Robbins

I am a nonpracticing lawyer and an avid Fiber Artist, as well as an intermediate photographer, cartoonist, digital artist, and painter. I have been a writer for approximately 14 years+ and during that time I was an investigative journalist for a private organization that exposed corruption among charities and other businesses. I also spent time advocating/acting on behalf of and for animal and human rights. Yet now I spend my days writing poems, sonnets and stories. As well as crochet patterns, when I am not doing that I spend a lot of time taking care of my son.

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